Payment & Delivery

Payment & Delivery

  • Hong Kong/Mainland direct delivery

  • Order payment before 3:00 every day, same-day delivery!

Delivery Details *Same day delivery as soon as possible*

1. Free shipping on any wine purchase of $1200 or more, normal shipping fee is $120/case.

2. The company reserves the right to charge additional fees to remote areas such as outlying islands and overseas areas, or building delivery services without elevator equipment. From December 10, 2020, Discovery Bay will also enjoy free delivery service (only for delivery on Wednesdays, and any wine purchases of $1200 or more).

3. After confirming and paying, customers can receive same-day delivery if the order is paid before 3:00 pm. The delivery can be arranged within 4-6 hours at the fastest.The delivery locations include but are not limited to residences, restaurants, office buildings, event venues, etc. At the time of purchase, any time and date of delivery, or time required for delivery, are estimates only. If we fail to meet any stated dispatch or delivery date or time, we will notify you of the progress of your order.

4. Once you agree and accept the payment. we will not accept cancellation of orders or refunds to you in any circumstances. The company will notify the customer about the progress of the order. Once the order is accepted, the customer will not be able to cancel the order or request a refund.

5. The goods ordered by the customer will be delivered to the delivery address provided by the customer by our staff or third-party suppliers. When the goods are delivered to the delivery address, they are marked as delivered and received by the customer. If the customer does not receive the goods for any reason, the company reserves the right to charge the customer an additional fee.

6. The delivery date and time displayed or selected by the customer when ordering must be verified by the company before the delivery can be confirmed. When Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is in effect on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, the delivery arrangement will be postponed to the following working day.

Payment methods


FPS ID: 105298251
(Wine Passions Limited)

Please fill in the order number in remarks and take a payment record screenshot send to 6212 9907 via WhatsApp. Thank you.

Bank Transfer

ATM / Bank counter / Online banking
Transfer to below account
Account name: Wine Passions Limited
Bank: HSBC 033-394875-838

Please fill in the order number in remarks and take a payment record screenshot send to 6212 9907 via WhatsApp. Thank you.


Scan QR Code to pay

Or Click here
Please fill in the order number in remarks and take a payment record screenshot send to 6212 9907 via WhatsApp. Thank you.


Scan QR Code to pay

Or Click here
Please fill in the order number in remarks and take a payment record screenshot send to 6212 9907 via WhatsApp. Thank you.

Account Number: HSBC 033-394875-838 (Wine Passions Limited)

FPS / Payme Deposit Tel: (852) 6393 6565

WeChat Pay Hong Kong, Alipay Hong Kong (please see QR Code)

1. Free shipping on any wine purchase of $1200 or more, other shipping charges + $120/case. Additional charges will apply for delivery services in remote areas such as outlying islands and overseas or building delivery services without lift facilities.

2. After submitting the order, someone will follow up on order. Someone will follow up on the order after it has been submitted. After confirming and paying, if you place an order and pay before 3:00 on the same day, same-day delivery can be arranged, and the fastest delivery is within 4-6 hours.

Only selectable delivery times

Monday to Saturday:

Morning (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

Afternoon (1 p.m. - 6 p.m.)

Evening (6 p.m. - 10 p.m.)

*Public Holidays: No delivery will be placed on public holidays. In special cases, we can make other arrangements, please contact us before placing an order

  • Hong Kong Tel:

    (+852) 2185 7335

  • Whatsapp:

    (+852) 6212 9907

  • Domestic order:

    (+86) 1353 8138 372

  • E-mail:

  • Fax:

    (+852) 3020 9255

Return policy

1. When the customer has confirmed to receive the goods, they will bear the risk of holding the goods, and the company will not be responsible for their loss or damage. Wine is a perishable commodity; some can deteriorate over time or improper storage, such as changes in extreme temperatures. Therefore, we will only accept returns or exchanges in the following cases (at our sole discretion):

(a)if we prove the product to be defective or damaged before your acceptance; or

(b)The products we offer do not match your order.

2. The company will not refund or replace any product that is not defective or damaged, or if our delivery matches the product you ordered, we will not refund or replace it.

3. Any glass items or wine utensils, wine, or champagne with a value of HK$750 or more or more than 8 years old (calculated on a single bottle) after the consignee confirms that the goods are received cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

4. If the company agrees that you have the right to replace the product, but the requested replacement product has been sold out, we will refund the relevant money to you. At our sole discretion and under special circumstances, we will refund the money involved in online shopping to your credit card or bank account (it takes about 4-6 weeks).

5. Please submit the original purchase receipt or related electronic receipt before the company accepts the product exchange. Items must be returned together with any gifts that were included with the purchase or we will deduct the value of the gift from the refund.

6. If the company agrees to replace your product, you need to pick it up in person or pay the shipping fee for our re-delivery.

Mainland Payment and Delivery Arrangements (Delivery to China)

Wine Passions will notify you of the shipping and delivery arrangements for your order as soon as possible after you have completed the product payment process. If you are satisfied with the delivery arrangement and cost (Hong Kong payment, usually HK$15 per shipment), please confirm your order and complete the payment process as soon as possible, and we will arrange for the delivery. If you are dissatisfied with the arrangement, we will refund the paid product amount within two weeks  without any administrative fee.

Alcoholic products are only sold to adults 18 years of age or above.

According to Hong Kong law, it is an offense to sell alcoholic beverages (intoxicating liquor) to persons under 18. Therefore, we only sell alcohol-based products to adults 18 or above. Delivery items must be picked up by someone aged 18 or above (with proof of identity).

Otherwise, we will take back the item and attempt to deliver at another agreed time.We reserve the right to store the items you ordered until the delivery date and will charge you: (a) all charges, including storage charges and insurance; and (b) HK$200 as an administrative fee for subsequent delivery services. One charge at a time.

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