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   Brand: Not applicable    Capacity: 460ml
   Material: Crystal glass    Quantity: 1
   Category: Wine glass    Package Size: Not applicable
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Product Description

Founded in 1521, Spiegelau from Germany is one of the most prestigious lead-free crystal wine glasses manufacturers. Anyone who likes to drink knows the importance of the wine glass, so Spiegelau will study different varieties of wine and design a specific shape of the wine glass according to its characteristics, to make the wine's aroma more layered.
Spiegelau & Denis Collaboration Limited Edition Tasting Words Crystal Wine Glass Wine Glass_ Wine Passions


The "Master Cup of Wine Tasting Words" designed by wine educator Denis Lin is specially selected to be a multi-purpose cup without a cup foot that is easy to carry. It is hoped that beginners can often use this wine glass for wine tasting practice and quickly learn to use the international General English tasting words, carefully evaluating each wine.

● Multi-purpose cup without feet, convenient for tasting a variety of wines
● The wine tasting words are engraved in 4 areas of the cup identity, which is clear and clear
● It adopts cylindrical packaging, which can protect the cup and save space, which is convenient to carry out

Spiegelau & Denis Collaboration Limited Edition Tasting Words Crystal Wine Glass Wine Glass_ Wine Passions


The "Tasting Word Master Cup" can be divided into 4 areas: eye, nose, mouth, and conclusion:
1) Eye: description of the appearance
2) Nose: description of the aroma
3) Mouth: description of taste and texture
4) Dialog: Summary of style, quality, age

How to use the Tasting Word Master Cup
1. Pour the wine into the cup about 1/3 of the height, and hold the cup lightly with your fingertips so as not to affect the temperature of the wine
2. In a bright natural light environment, observe the clarity, color, color concentration, whether there are bubbles, hanging cup density, etc. of the wine with a white background
3. Find suitable adjectives from the pattern of eyes
4. Don't shake the glass, smell the smell of the wine just poured into the glass
5. Shake the glass in a spiral shape to let the wine come into contact with the air
6. The nose is close to the mouth of the cup, pay attention to whether there is a spoiled smell. If there is, stop tasting; if the smell is normal, continue to the next step
7. Identify aroma intensity and type
8. Find the right adjective under the nose pattern
9. Take a sip, let the wine come into contact with the entire mouth, and enhance the taste sensation with a mouthwash-like motion
10. Find suitable adjectives from the pattern of the mouth (the adjectives for aroma and taste may not be consistent and need to be written separately)
11. According to the description of appearance, aroma, and taste, make a general comment on the style, quality, and age of the wine
12. Find suitable adjectives under the pattern of the dialog box
13. Done

Denis Lin
Denis Lin, a Taiwanese wine and spirits writer and trainer, now lives in Shanghai. He is qualified as a WSET wine and spirits lecturer in the UK, certified as an international lecturer by the Bordeaux Wine School, a wine lecturer in Rioja in Spain, and an official wine lecturer in New Zealand. Promote lectures, serve as professional wine reviewers at home and abroad, and take the responsibility of tasting good wines all over the world. Author of "Slightly Drunk Hand-painted", "Slightly Drunk Beauty", and "Wine Tasting Notes".

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